Your Essential Guide To A Lean Startup

The lean startup methodology is a practice that allows business to develop products based on validated learned. You’ll work to get customer feedback quickly and often so that your business can eliminate any uncertainty in the development process.

Here, you’ll find some helpful advice on creating your own lean startup that can make a huge difference to your success.

Start By Validating Your Product

The most successful businesses will always validate their products first. Some companies make the mistake of going months, or even years without actually asking for consumer feedback. Avoid making big mistakes by creating a minimum viable product and validating that product with customer surveys, online crowdfunding, and other methods.

Make Sure You Persevere

If you’re scaling your business in a budget, it’s going to take some hustle and perseverance. You’ll likely need to wear multiple hats and be a Jack of all trades if this is going to go the way you want it to. Although you might feel you’re becoming an expert in various areas, you should always be open to learning and understand that you’ll never quite know everything. When you can, figuring out what to outsource will be a huge help.

Evaluate All Of Your Expenses

If you want a true lean business, you need to be willing to measure every expense against the expected return on investment. You need to be willing to assess whether each product or service will truly make a big difference to your company. If you have a choice between a basic or a premium product, you should always go for the basic option. Go for the free version of certain applications you choose to use, and buy second hand/refurbished equipment. However, in some cases it can be worth investing in software. For instance, can help you to both reduce costs and make you more profitable.

Focus On Profits

When you’re following the lean methodology, always focus on profits over growth.  

Structure Your Experiments Well

When it comes to your experiments, when sure you structure them well to increase your chances of getting great results. Including a fail condition in your experiments will set a benchmark you can base your measurements on.

Know When To Accept Failure And Learn From it

A lot of your experiments might fail as a startup, so you need to learn to accept failure. Failing doesn’t mean you should give up; simply look at it as an expected outcome. Learning from it is a must, and if you do learn something, then it can then be looked at as a success. Your mindset is essential when it comes to accepting failure and learning from it.

A lean startup isn’t for everybody, and there are some people who tend to poke holes in the methodology. However, it might work for your business, and some of the principles can definitely be incorporate alone to get better results. Leave your thoughts on this methodology and whether you’ll follow it below. Thanks for reading!


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