Work from Home? Here’s How to Stave Off the Crazy

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With more and more of us working from home, completing our projects and growing our businesses online, there has been a growth in the number of people who are being driven stir crazy by the lack of regular contact with colleagues and co-workers.

Of course, there are a lot of people who love working from home, and even those of us who are sometimes driven crazy by it love some of the benefits like not having to commute and being able to set one’s schedule, but there’s no denying it can be difficult for many.

The good news is, it is possible to stave off the crazy that comes with working from home alone a lot of the time…

Take Off the Pyjamas

Do you work from home? Do you move from the bedroom to your laptop without so much as a change of clothing in the morning? It’s undoubtedly adding to the crazy. If you get up, shower and get dressed like you would if you were operating a business from an actual office, you will feel a whole lot better in yourself. This will help you to improve your productivity and prevent you from becoming that crazy person who everyone swerves in the street!

Using a Co-Working Space

If your town or city is lucky enough to have a co-working space – and more and more of them are popping up all of the time, then booking a few hours a week/day/whatever suits you in one, where you can work alongside other people like you would in the office (albeit you’ll all be working on your own unique projects) is a great way to keep the crazy at bay. It’s also a great way to make more connections which could be fruitful for your business. Give it a try.

Head to a Coffee Shop

Alternatively, if the work you’re doing can be done on a portable device, why not pick a nice coffee shop ion your area and spend an hour or two working from there instead of staring at the same four walls all the time. Sure, you might have to pay for a cup of coffee or three, but consider that an investment in your sanity.

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Set a Schedule

So you don’t end up getting up at 11 am eating cereal and watching trash TV for hours, then spending your evenings, when you have the chance to meet up with friends working to make up for it, set a very specific work schedule and stick to it.

Work Hard

When you’re working hard, you can’t really think about the fact that you’re home alone in yesterday’s pyjamas (we talked about that) talking to your cat in management speak and half expecting a reply. So, set your working hours and work really hard during them.

Turn Off

When the working day is done, turn off your laptop and go have fun with your friends, watch a TV show you love or lose yourself in a great book. DO NOT start working again because I don’t have to remind you how that went for Jack Torrance – All work and no play and all that!

I can’t guarantee you won’t go crazy, but if you take these tips to heart, your chances are looking good of still being sane a year from now!

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