Technology Solutions for Workplace Collaboration

If you would like to embrace knowledge sharing in your company and improve the competency of all your employees, you might want to take advantage of the latest developments in information technology and embrace a culture change. There are several low-cost and free services available for small and medium sized businesses that can not only improve their productivity, but also aid remote and in-office collaboration. Find a few tips below.

G Suite

One of the things you might want to give a try is G Suite. This inexpensive cloud based solution allows you to send, store, share, and amend files and assign roles to various employees. You can run your accounting on G Suite if you have the right apps, and improve the speed of communication as well. Assign tasks, share policies, or simply get your employees to sign and return documents.


You might also want to take advantage of some of the presentation software that allows you to share information across your company. Some of the best ones that allow you to add voice are Kizoa and CustomShow. However, you can simply use Camtasia or free software to create updates and share across your company. Allowing different departments to share their updates using a presentation shared on the intranet or on the cloud will reduce your IT costs and help you discover and nurture talent.

Hangout Meetings

If you have remote teams, you might want to hold your meetings on the internet, instead of on the phone. Apart from Skype, you can also use Google Hangouts to communicate with your remote staff or team members at different locations. Recently, Facebook has also launched its own business communication platform, so if you would like to combine social media with networking and meetings, this might be your perfect choice.


One of the best and fastest mobile office collaboration platforms is Slack. Just like similar suites, it allows you to share files, edit them, distribute documents, or simply send out updates and chat. There is a video conferencing and video call feature built in the platform, and the system is fully functional on all smartphones.  Slack is an inexpensive way of encouraging team collaboration and opening up new ways for employees to communicate with each other.

Online Diaries

If you find it hard to manage your workflow and assign jobs, you can get an online diary or workflow software. You should get in touch with an IT company to find out what system requirements are attached to each system before you would decide on the software. Make sure that the system works with all platforms through the internet, and every user is assigned the right access level.

Collaboration at the workplace can reduce your training cost and help you create a knowledge sharing environment. Give your employees the tools to share their concerns, work with different departments, and access information faster than ever before. The above software and cloud based solutions can help you build business capabilities for a long time to come.

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