Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level

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Marketing is a key component to any business, and something that all startups have to get their heads around very quickly. But as your business grows in size and experience you need to think about how you can take your marketing campaign to the next level. You might have begun with a website, some social media and an ad here and there, but there are so many more routes you can take, and ways to improve what you already have.


Most new businesses build their first website on a DIY platform and where they can look incredibly professional, however, if you want them to function on the same level as one built from scratch, then you need to invest in it. If you’re determined to do it yourself, then think about taking so design classes, or you can watch tutorials online. Or you can hire a web designer to revamp your site. Look into sites like freelancer to find a freelance developer.

Social Media

Setting up a few social media pages is all well and good, but the more you grow the more attention needs to be paid to your online presence. And the more you business grows, the more you need to spend time on every other aspect of your business. So, look into hiring a social media manager to look over things for you. They will be able to maximise your audience reach as well as use SEO and hashtags to draw in more customers and boost your presence online.


You need to start getting involved in events. If you haven’t already, have a look at your immediate community and see where you can sponsor an event, take part in a charity run or walk, or to help local schools. To go to the next level, you can look at business conventions within the country, and even outside of it if you have a foothold abroad. A shell scheme stand can be customised to perfectly represent your company, and provides a platform for you to meet with a host of prospective clients and discuss current and future endeavours. Networking is such a vital part of business and it does get to the point where you need to network in new locations.


When it comes to advertising, you need to combine traditional ideas with modern ones. This way you can expand over many mediums and reach multiple audiences. Many business make the mistake of only focusing on their primary audience and not spending any resources on their secondary ones. There is always a way to branch out and attract more people, so make sure that you so. Traditional advertising reaches so many people; think about how many billboards you drive past on your work commute, and how many newspapers people buy and flick through. Posters at bus stops, train stations and local coffee shops are all glanced at, and the good ones are remembered. Digital advertising works much the same way as physical advertising, with eye catching images, simplicity and snappy slogans. As people scroll through their news feeds it’s a habit not to pause unless something catches the eye – and with the billions of funny cat memes out there, you have stiff competition.

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