Small Businesses Need A Commercial Vehicle

So you’ve just started a small solo business and, right now, you’re considering ways to create an inspiring and motivating home office. After all, most entrepreneurs make their money while working in an office, right? As surprising as it might sound, this statement is not entirely correct. Indeed, while your home office is the space where you need to retreat for all the administrative work, it’s fair to say that not all businesses generate their income at a desk. In fact, you might be surprised to know that unless you’re thinking of offering digital services only, you might want to consider the purchase of a commercial vehicle.

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First impressions matter

It takes less than 12 seconds for a person to make up their mind about your business. So, it’s essential that you put all the chances on your side. Consequently, the vehicle you drive will also affect the way your business is perceived. The typical DIY job now needs a vehicle that reflects quality and professionalism. In other words, if you were hoping to buy a cheap second-hand white van, you need to look for van leasing and financing options for the latest models. Is the Mercedes Vito suitable for Sport Grant Finance? As one of the most versatile and elegant light commercial vehicles, the Vito is a great option for professional workers involved in home improvements, technical faults, and trading projects.

Cheaper to set up

Many successful businesses often start in a mobile capacity before they can evolve into a brick and mortar establishment. For instance, if you want to open a restaurant, you’ll find that food trucks and popup stands provide valuable insight into the market without presenting any investment risk. Indeed, these catering options are easy to set up and cheap to run. Most businesses can be mobile, from catering to repair shops, so nothing is stopping you from exploring the viability of an entrepreneurial idea.

Mobile catering is cost effective
Mobile catering is cost effective

You can increase your visibility

Digital marketing can let you reach a broad audience without leaving your home office, but face-to-face meetings have a higher success rate for small businesses. Indeed, you can join trade shows and markets to promote your skills and activities.

Small artisans find it easier to travel with promotional events to get to meet new clients. Whether you’re a baker, an organic farmer or a potter, you’ll find that being able to travel with your equipment and products in a van to showcase your business can help to grow your reputation for the local population.

Driving is promoting

Ultimately if you need to travel to your clients, or if you’re often on the road to meet your suppliers and partners, there’s no reason why you couldn’t transform your commute into a promotional exercise. By adding your logo and your contact details to the side and back of your van, you can encourage discussions whether you’re driving, stuck in traffic or parked alongside the road. You can find creative companies specialised in customised wrapping for vehicles, meaning that all you need is a design and you can decorate your van.

Your vehicle can play an active part in promoting your business, testing the market, building a positive reputation and bringing you closer to your customers. So why not make the most of every mile you drive?

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