Small Business Burdens: Proving That You’re Genuine, Reliable and Trustworthy

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As a smaller business, one of the most difficult aspects is keeping up with your more established competition. People tend to like bigger, well heard of brands because they have a reputation for being reliable and they know if anything goes wrong the issue will be sorted. As a smaller business, you need to show that potential clients and customers can put their trust in you, and you’re a reliable and genuine business who will deliver on what they say.

Here are a few ways you can go about it.

Maintain A Professional Personal Image

Do you run the kind of business where you meet with customers or clients face to face? Even if you conduct most of your business online, sometimes meeting in person may be essential. If so, ensure that you (or your representative) looks professional. Tidy hair, smart clothes, even the right vehicle can help to maintain a good image. You could consider an Audi for example as they’re known for being luxurious and reliable. If you make a bad impression on people it could well cost you money; if you don’t look reputable, it can put people off. The same applies to your personal social media accounts. If your name is in any way linked to your business, you don’t want people to be able to search you and bring up images, statuses or anything else that make you look less than professional.

Write An Engaging Blog

Writing a blog for your business seems simple but is highly beneficial. Not only is it a way to bump up your website in search engine listings (regular new content gives search engines spiders something to crawl- as opposed to websites being fairly static) but it shows you’re reputable. A scam company isn’t going to go to the hassle of writing a well-researched business blog. It’s a good way to create online presence and shows customers and clients that you’re here to stay and that you know what you’re talking about. You don’t even need to create the content yourself; there are loads of freelance writers and bloggers online. They will be well versed in this kind of writing, and create interesting content in the right style and tone for your blog.

Create A Nice Workplace

Whether your business is a shop, office or anything else- you want your workplace to make a good impression on customers. Would- be customers or clients could be put off or underwhelmed if the space isn’t up to scratch which could cost you and cause you to lose out on custom. Go with light, neutral colours to make the space feel bright and airy. If you’re an office, you could decorate with plants which not only look professional but can actually boost productivity. If you’re a shop, invest in a good window designer and ensure the layout is right. Good placement revolves around psychology and people’s habits when shopping– be sure to tap into this. Spending a little extra money on professional help can lead to better sales.

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