Shouting Loud And Proud In Unexpected Places

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When it comes to marketing, any business owner worth their salt knows that displaying their logo is critical. This is, after all, the thing you want your customers to remember. Not to mention that it’s the thing which lets them know who you actually are. A fantastic advertisement wouldn’t do much good if it didn’t announce your company! Hence why we ensure our logos are prominent in physical stores, billboards, and our websites. The louder and prouder your logo appears, the better chance you have of sticking in people’s minds.

In truth, though, many of us don’t make the most of our logo’s potential. We stick to the traditional, widely used advertising methods mentioned above. But, in doing so, we cut ourselves off from a great deal of possibility. Shouting loud and proud in unexpected places gives you an even better chance of increasing custom. And, to help you do just that, we’re going to look at three areas you might want to focus your attention.

Your product itself

Let’s start close to home. Admittedly, some companies have realized that putting their logo on products is a fantastic marketing tool. This way, anyone who uses something from your business becomes a walking advertisement. Clothes companies primarily make use of this. You’re effectively paid by your advertisers this way. Yet, many of us fail actually to incorporate a logo onto our products. Often, this is because we don’t want to put clients off. We’ve all left a potential purchase because it had a brand name plastered all over it. In truth, though, you can be subtle about this. By using something like the engraving machines offered by Boss Laser, you can keep this subtle while still getting the point across. All you need to do is emboss your logo somewhere on your product. You don’t even need to change the coloring here. Having the markings there is more than enough.

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Your car

Enterprises can reap immense benefits from expanding their business reach. As you grow, your local customer base may not be enough to sustain you. And, when that happens, you need to think about ways to appeal to more distant customers. Admittedly, the internet will be your primary choice here. You can’t get a much broader reach than that. But, you could expand this possibility by getting an advertisement for your car. Many companies print car stickers with company logos included. Before you know it, a weekend trip away will turn into a whole load of new business. And, you won’t even need to do anything to make it happen.


No customer is going to turn their nose up at a freebie or two. Be it pens, t-shirts, or tote bags; we love the lot. You could even throw in a free mug or two. There are many printing companies which can get your logo onto these and more. By including a branded freebie with each sale, you can be sure that you’ll more than cover that small cost.

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