Setting Up A Home Office Without A Hitch

You’ve finally made the decision to work from home! This could be through setting up your own online business, blog, or trading hub. It could also be that you’ve decided to take the full effort in freelancing, hopefully selling your skills with constant and reliable work. It might simply be that your new promotion entails working remotely for part of the week. In all of these cases, setting up a home office without a hitch is important to do, and to do within a timeframe that affords you time to become familiar with the new space.

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There are a few things to attend to, first and foremost. The advice listed below should help you get started in no time at all:

Consider Your Materials

You need to know the practical requirements of your job. This could differ from job role to job role. A professional artist might need space for a full-sized graphics tablet and editing suite. If dealing with more homemade and analogue measures, they might need specialist equipment. A professional writer might need space for reference materials and a range of books. Almost all will require cheap ink cartridges to print work and ensure they have physical copies, as cloud storage is not always reliable.

Finding your materials, understanding the sizes and priorities of them as they relate to your work and effectively planning for them is key. This will allow you to ensure you understand the space requirements of your office, and from there you can organize your desk space. You might be working with limited space, meaning that keeping only two monitors instead of three could be imperative for the time being, as you make space for a typewriter. You will somewhat know the necessities of your role, but be sure to conduct a little research to help you set up faster.

The Chair

The chair is essential for any good home office. It must be comfortable, ergonomic and something you can sit on for long hours at a time. Materials also matter. You might not enjoy a thick leather chair in supremely hot climates, as we all know they can often heat and absorb sweat which is not ideal. In this instance, a mesh chair might be more reliable. It can also pay to buy a chair that offers good lumbar support, as posture is everything when trying to stay alert from day to day.

Internet Access

Even if your office is a small room of the home, it pays to prioritize internet access here. Dropping out of conference calls because you were unable to sustain a connection can be considered very unprofessional, especially if it repeatedly happens. At worst you will not be able to complete your deadlines on time, or even communicate to the team as to why this is. Ensure you have a direct line to your office, preferably plugging in your main computing device through an ethernet router cable. When it comes to dedicated work, WiFi is often not ideal or the most secure.

With these tips, setting up a home office without a hitch is likely to be yours for the taking.

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