The Reason You’re Scared To Relocate Your Business

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Anyone that has ever had to move house will have found that two-week effort made them age by ten-twelve years. There is the move, the logistics, the effort, the fears and those moments of panic where you wonder if you’re doing the right thing. All that and it’s just a house move, so it’s no wonder you’ve been too scared to relocate your business to somewhere fresh.

Of course, there are reasons why you’ve been toying a move is simple: you truly believe the grass is greener on the other side, which is why you need to overcome your fears and doubts and do the one thing that will make everything a thousand times easier: prepare and prepare until you’ve over prepared.

A Plan For The Not-Needed

When you’re moving from A to B, you get slapped with the question, “do we really need this?” about sixteen times an hour. We’re talking old phones, old computers, fax machines, fridges, metal furniture and whatever else. You don’t need it, and you don’t need to move it, so have a plan for it, whether that means a skip hire and metal collection service or donating them to a registered charity. It’s your call, but it needs to be made.

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Never-ever wait until the last possible moment. Never. In fact, the earlier you can start getting stuff into boxes the better. Have your staff donate a couple of hours a week to putting stuff they can get away with not using away. Our reason: there is always more to do than you realise.

Label Your Boxes Appropriately

As fun as it can be to label your boxes pseudo-funny things like pet tarantulas and illegal ivory just to raise some eyebrows, it won’t help you the other end. Instead, clearly mark boxes – on both the top and the side – so that you can start organising things immediately the other end. The longer you spend faffing around the longer you aren’t doing business properly.

Computer Organising

Each of your computers no doubt have a labyrinth of wires sticking out of the back. In order to keep everything nicely organised, address each computer in turn, pull the cables out one by one, pop them in a zip-lock bag and then make a note of which computer they came from. Oh, and take a photo of the back too so that you know how they went.

Get Insurance

No matter what you do, whether it is hiring a truck or using a rental company, always check that box that says, “Yes, I want insurance”. If the company you uses doesn’t cover truck accidents or commercial property, then seek out an insurance company that will cover you. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Tell The World You’re Moving

You absolutely need to update your address everywhere you can think of. On your website, on directories, on your branded stationery and merchandise. You need to tell the post office, you need to email all of your clients and customers, and just basically shout it from the proverbial mountaintop.

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