The Magic P Word Which Isn’t Please

In the business world, promotion is the goal. It’s the golden ticket to a future of potential. It’s certainly the best shot most of us have at increasing our earnings. And, sometimes we hit lucky with a surprise promotion when we need it. Other times, though, we go years with no developments at all. And, when that happens, it can be disheartening, especially if you’re not in your dream position. How long can you continue doing a job you don’t love?

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In truth, promotion holdups like these are often more to do with us as employees than we realize. Sometimes, it isn’t enough to sit back and wait for the jackpot. Instead, you may need to pursue promotion actively. If advances in your career have always fallen in your lap, it can be a tough pill to swallow. But, remember that development is harder to come by when you’re further up the ladder. With that in mind, put your pride to the side and consider the following paths to promotion.

Make sure your name comes up

The chances are that there’s nothing wrong with your work. But, adequate won’t cut it when you’re aiming to move higher. Instead, you need to pull fantastic work out of the bag again and again. This is the only way to ensure your name comes up in meetings time and again. And, the more your boss hears you name mentioned, the more they’ll start to take notice.

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It’s also worth making an impression by volunteering for any opportunities. If someone needs to stay late, you should be the person to do it. If there’s an event on over the weekend, you should put your name forward before anyone else. Slowly, you’ll start to leave a lasting impression on the people who matter.

Improve your credentials while you work

Most of us get our jobs based on our credentials at the time of application. So, if you want to advance, your credentials need to move on from what they were. You can make sure that happens by continuing to learn in your free time. By studying online, or attending evening/weekend courses, you can develop skills on the side. Nurses could study a fast rn to bsn online to take them further. Office workers might want to attend courses in the latest available software. Your work will improve thanks to these efforts, and so will your chances of promotion.

Talk to your boss

In all honesty, it’s not really the done thing to straight out ask your boss for a promotion. In most cases, such a blatant approach won’t pay off. But, there’s nothing wrong with arranging a meeting and asking your boss about any possible opportunities. You could also take this as the perfect opportunity to tell them about the learning you’ve been doing on the side. In a roundabout way, you can drop hints about how you’d like to progress in the future. Once you’ve planted the seed, the soil may reap the rewards!

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