Make Your Bricks Click: Virtual vs Physical Offices

Businesses are going green, paperless, and soaring up into the clouds like never before – and it’s hardly a surprise that many of them are waving goodbye to the good old office. Despite the new technologies making it easy to stay online rather than meeting up in a regular office every morning, many entrepreneurs are set on keeping their brick and mortar.

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It’s a good idea to know the pros and cons when you’re wondering if investing in an office is actually worth it. Here is a handful of reasons that might convince you to keep your traditional business presence – as well as a couple of reasons to why you might want to give up on it.

The professional office

Although the decision to spend their hard-earned money on other things than office space has been increasingly popular the last couple of years, there’s no denying that bricks and mortar make you seem a bit more professional.

Meeting up in Starbucks to sign an important deal is not as classy as inviting your clients into your office – and it opens up for meeting your customers in a more personal way as well. It’s the kind of thing that builds trust and loyalty, compared to a business that operated online exclusively.

Although a virtual and brick and mortar business will go through the same steps, in terms of mapping out a business plan and renting a domain space or physical space, the difference is still there; you can’t invite your clients in for a coffee and a chat.

Sure, you can have a coffee and a chat over the Internet instead – and that is just what they’re doing too.

Go online to save money and effort

The money you save on not renting an office space makes the decision easy for many business owners. They want to spend their money elsewhere, and they may also be able to pay their employees a bit more by meeting up with them online instead.

For a startup that lacks proper funding, virtual offices could be the way to go. You may be able to save up an amount and invest in a physical presence later on, though, so don’t rule anything out quite yet.

If you, however, have the resources to invest in an actual office, it’s better to do it right away so that your business is able to gain a bit of customer trust while it’s still young. Soar up into the clouds when you’ve built a proper name and brand for your business, and your customers will willingly follow.

By starting out the other way around, you may miss out on the benefits of appearing a bit more professional while you’re still new to the game.

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