Kitting Out Your Commercial Property

When you become a business owner, you may start out working from home. This makes sense, as it cuts costs while your business finds its feet. However, as you start to expand, you’re likely to start taking on staff and, consequently, you’re going to have to start looking at getting your hands on an appropriate commercial property.

But finding a property isn’t the end of your journey. You’re going to have to kit it out to make it a productive workspace too. So, here are a few things you should check off your list to make sure that your commercial property is the best professional space possible.


So many commercial spaces employ the same sterile, bright, artificial lighting. However, various studies have shown that while lighting may not be the first thing to spring to mind when you start to consider productivity, it can in fact massively impact your worker’s output. The harsh, bright lights that are so often used in many major corporations’ office spaces invoke feelings of stress and depression, while “cool light” can actually trigger productivity and creative thinking. Luckily, natural light is a form of “cool light,” so you’re not going to have to invest in any expensive specialist lighting! Just opt for office spaces that have large windows and ensure that they aren’t blocked by blinds or curtains. It’s as simple as that.


While carpets tend to be the most favoured flooring option when it comes to residential properties, commercial properties tend to fare better with vinyl flooring. Why? Well, commercial spaces tend to have more pedestrian traffic running through them. This increased footfall would leave carpets looking worn down and tatty. You are also more likely to experience spills of sorts. Whether these spills happen to be coffee, juice, ink, or even fluids from unwell employees and clients, you’re going to have a much easier time cleaning the mess up from vinyl than from carpet (which is much more likely to stain). So, to make life easier for yourself, click here to take a look at some suitable vinyl flooring options.


Believe it or not, colour palettes can have a major impact on employees’ state of mind, mood, and productivity. Generally speaking, the best colour palette to go for is a neutral one, as this will please everyone. However, you should actively avoid colours such as red, which is said to invoke feelings of anger and hostility.


Nobody wants to work in a cluttered office space. This is why you need to invest in effective storage solutions. You need your paperwork to be organised at all times. When you need to draw something up, you should know exactly where it is and be able to retrieve it in a matter of moments. You’d be surprised just how much time is wasted rifling through drawers for lost contracts, plans, or notes. So, invest in effective storage. This could be in the form of paper folders and files organised onto bookshelves or something a bit more specialist and complex.

These are just a few factors that can go into making your commercial property a professional, functional, and productive space!

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