How To Get The HGV Job You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Many people have a dream job, and you could know what this is before you even leave school. Meanwhile, others spend years finding out what they truly enjoy, and that’s ok. There’s no real simple way to find what you love, but deciding what you like and dislike could help take you a step closer to the perfect role for you. If you enjoy being out of the office, driving to new places, and working independently, then a job in shipping and HGV driving could be what you’re looking for. We’ve noted the best ways to secure one of these jobs below.

Get a HGV licence

The first step on the journey to HGV driving is getting the appropriate licence to drive lorries. You have to pass four tests in order to get it, but once you have it you’re set to go! Every five years you’ll have to do 35 hours of training to make sure that your skills are still up to scratch, but it’s a worthwhile endeavour, so that you can have a job that allows you to travel around and have your own independence. When it comes to warehouse shipping jobs, you’ll more than likely be trained on the job, so there’s nothing that you need to worry about prior to your application. Win-win!

Look for a specialised recruiter

Finding the perfect role can be difficult, but there are many specialised recruiters out there, like A & S Recruitment, who will help you to secure a job in shipping or HGV driving. Seeing all of the available roles in one place will help to save you time, so you’ll be on the road in no time. The good thing about recruiters is that they’ll do most of the hard work for you, so you can just get ready for your interviews without the stress of communicating extensively with a company, whether you’re looking for a warehouse or HGV role. Phew.

Plan for interviews

The next step is to plan for your interviews, which you’ll hopefully have in abundance if you pick a good recruiter and get your licence sorted. Interviews can range from being five minutes long, and a quick check of your licence, to around half a day. It also varies for warehouse jobs, but the main thing is to make sure that you look like you’d be a good ambassador for the company, and that you’ll bring a lot to them. This role isn’t about having excessive qualifications, but some basic writing skills will help you out in the job. Whatever role you’re going for, make sure you look the part!

So, if you’re looking for a job in shipping, whether it is based in the warehouse or on the road as a HGV driver, make sure that you sort these things out beforehand, and you’ll be well on your way to earning good money whilst doing your dream job. Secure your licence (or not if you want to be warehouse based), get in touch with a recruiter specialised in this field, and then get ready for your interviews! Good luck!

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