Help Your Business Grow: Make Sure You’re Hiring the Right People

Big businesses may be able to absorb the cost of hiring the wrong employee, but as a small business owner, you don’t have this luxury. When you can count all of your employees on one hand, there is no room for passengers: you need to ensure you’re bringing the right person on board every time you advertise a new post. But how do you go about ensuring this is always the case? We offer some tips below.

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Attract the Best Candidates

You might be setting yourself up for a less than productive employee, and not even realise it. When it comes to advertising a position in your company, you need to ensure that you’re attracting the best candidates. Many employers often write a long list of required or desired skills their applicants should have, believing that this will bring in the best people. This is the case, however: the best applicants don’t respond to positions that have a long list of demands. They go for the jobs with advertisements that tell them how working there will benefit their career. Also, remember to be realistic when it comes to your starting wage – a budget salary will attract budget works. Pay what you can afford.

Fitting with the Culture

When it comes to interviewing your applicants, it’s important that you go beyond what’s written on the CV, and their past experiences. Sometimes, the best worker won’t have a long list of accomplishments on their CV, and they might not have had a job before. Don’t discount them! When it comes to small businesses, it’s more important to find the person that fits in with the company culture than it is to get someone who just looks impressive on paper. You need to ensure that you and your worker are both moving in the same direction, basically.

Digging a Little Deeper

It’s not nice to think about, but not everyone is as honest as you might think, and that’s especially true when it comes to people looking for a job. Some people will say anything just to make it through to the next round of interviews. Make sure you’re digging a little deeper into a person’s history, instead of just relying on what they say. You can get a CRB check online to ensure there’s nothing unsavoury in their personal history, and you should also be following up with any references they’ve supplied as part of their application. None of this takes particularly long, but might just save you from making a big mistake.

Don’t Settle

It’s important that you’re advertising for positions well in advance of when you actually need them. If you’re leaving things too late, you might find that you’re settling for an employee that you’re not too impressed with – but which time dictates you need to bring on board. Don’t settle, essentially – it’s as true for employees as it is everything else. And remember to trust your instincts; if something is telling you not to hire a person, then don’t hire them. Simple!

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