FOBF: Overcoming The Fear Of Business Failure

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Millions of people have an idea and never put it into action. Why? It’s because they suffer from the dreaded FOBF. A fear of failing in business isn’t uncommon, especially for novices and amateurs. Of course, giving in to the feeling means there will never be a major corporation with you at the helm. Yep, overcoming your fears is the only option if you want to be successful and take business from the bottom to the very top. Saying it is easier than doing it, but hitting your targets isn’t impossible with a few handy hints.

Here’s how to fight your demons.

Shift Your Targets

Apart from being a little sneaky, it’s a perfect way to avoid failure altogether. The way it works is simple: never set a specific goal. For example, saying you want to attract 1,000 unique users to the site is a line in the sand. If it doesn’t happen, you have to deal with the fallout and that makes it harder to find the positives. But, if you say “I want to learn about attracting traffic”, there is nothing to fear. As a human being, you will never want for knowledge so you will hit this target on a regular basis.

Read Between The Lines

Failure is a story, one which every individual is trying to write. Like all novels, there is a subtext that dictates the direction of the story. In this instance, the majority of entrepreneurs take a lack of success to mean they aren’t good enough to succeed. Maybe they have been told for a while that they will never make it, and failure is the validation for which they have been looking. Rewriting the prose can encourage you to read between the lines and take risks. “Yes, I will apply for balance transfer credit cards for fair credit”. Why? It’s because you believe in the facts and not the fiction once the story unravels.

Feel The Fear

There are many things in life which are worse in your head than in reality. Fear is one because it plays with your mind. The idea of not succeeding leads to panic and anxiety attacks which only exacerbate the situation. However, feeling fear isn’t as bad as you may imagine. After a while, the emotion disappears and what you are left with is perspective. The new angle isn’t that you can’t do it, but that the goal is manageable simply because you surrendered to your fears.

Accept It

And then use the errors to move forward and become a better person. All you have to do is think about why things went wrong and how you can avoid them in the future. To do this, ask yourself “what did I learn?” One basic question can transform your entire viewpoint and encourage you to greatness in the future. The reason is that new opportunities spring out of the darkness and into the light. Another question to keep in mind is “can I name three positives?”

Are you fearful of failure? Do you think this advice will help?


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