How Entrepreneurs Can Get Away With Doing Less

If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s always more work you could be doing, whether that’s fine tuning your marketing campaign, sorting out your IT equipment or going to social events and widening your network. But the problem is that there are only so many hours in the day, and so entrepreneurs have to be selective about what they do.

The good news is that there are more opportunities than ever before in today’s Internet-fueled economy to unload a lot of the donkey work onto other companies. Entrepreneurs don’t actually have to do everything themselves: instead, they can save time by passing the work over to people on a fee-for-service basis. Here’s how.

Writing And Social Media

One of the ways that entrepreneurs end up wasting a lot of time is producing content for their business. Content is important on the web for inbound marketing, but it’s also very time-consuming to produce. Things like website text, newsletters, articles and blog posts take away from your core mission and can wind up sidetracking you.

The good news is that getting hold of professional writings is relatively cheap and fairly straightforward. You can get experts to write just about anything for you, including the all-important website blurb. There are also freelance writers out there who will write content for your social media platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

IT And Communications

When it comes to IT, small businesses used to struggle a lot. Mainly it was because they had to part with a lot of money just to set up their servers and computers, let alone pay a bunch of people to keep them running. Outsourced IT for businesses has become exponentially more popular during the last five years or so. The reason for this is that IT companies are now able to provide services over the cloud in real time. Rather than having to install all their apps locally, modern startups can simply pay for software as a service over the internet and get somebody else to manage the back end for them. It’s cheaper and much less of a headache.

Web Research

Entrepreneurs typically think that winning new business is a core part of their role. But even that might be about to change, thanks to the rising tide of web research freelancers and agencies. The idea behind these services is to take the burden of finding new prospects away from the entrepreneur. Statistics show that entrepreneurs spend about half of their time looking for new business – an enormous amount of time that could be better spent building and developing products or hiring the right people. Web researchers will go out and collect information on your behalf and then present it to you in a form that you can understand. You can pick up a freelance web researcher from crowdsourcing sites like Elance.

Admin Assistance

Entrepreneurs can spend hours each week just doing repetitive things like invoicing. But with the rise of virtual admin assistants, that’s fast becoming a thing of the past. Administrative assistance can do things like process your emails, do your invoicing and generally help you process all the annoying paperwork that goes along with doing business.

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