How To Create An Amazing Online Course

Online courses are big right now! With the cost of day to day living rising, students are seeking an alternative way of studying. Universities still have their place in society, but for more and more people this is not a viable option due to cost. That is why universities are at the very forefront of online courses. Universities have recognized that there is a rising demand for online courses and as a result they have introduced lots of online university degree courses. You can now study for an online master’s degree in management with Harvard University online, this is a flexible route that allows you to combine online study with on-campus study.

What Can We Learn From These Online Courses?

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There is clearly a real need for online courses. People like having the flexibility of studying for a qualification from their home. Let’s be honest who doesn’t love the fact you can study for a degree in your pajamas! An online course also means that you can fit it in with your life. If you are busy working or if you have a family to care for, you can slot in an online course to suit you and your needs. There is also a great range of online courses available for everyone. There really is something for everyone. I mentioned Harvard University earlier but another example of a great online course is Our Lady of the Lake College Online who are offering an RN to BSN online course that prepares registered nurses so that they can, “fill leadership roles in the delivery of evidence-based care and establishes a solid foundation for graduate education.” A great option for busy nurses who want to further their training but are too busy for the traditional campus route.  

You should be heartened by the news that it is normally far easier to get online degree course. Therefore, it is a great option for those who were not accepted onto a traditional degree course. However, some people worry that online study means that you get less support. This is not the case. Most online courses offer a platform that is available 24/7, you also get great individual feedback that keeps you motivated. Some universities even have YouTube channels and podcasts for you to download.

What Does This Matter To Me?

You might be wondering why this is relevant to you. The above demonstrates that online courses are huge right now. This means that they are a good way of earning an income! You might not be able to offer an online degree course but is there another online course that you could be offering? What is your area of expertise and who is your audience? Understanding your audience is key because they are your target customers. You need to ask yourself what it is that they want to learn, by Regina is someone who really exploits her area of expertise and she knows what her customers want! Her main target market is freelancers and bloggers.  She creates programs and resources that support and help them grow their business. Regina is hugely successful at what she does. She isn’t doing anything revolutionary, she just understands her market. Who and what could your market be?

What To Do Once You Have An Idea For An Online Course

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You need to really understand that target market. What are you going to need to do to get them on board? Do they want certification? Are they just happy gaining skills and coaching to help them become successful?

How Can I Really Know What My Target Audience Want?

Go to where they go online. Hang-out with them in online forums. Listen to what they say about what would be useful. Find out what it is that drives them. Build relationships with them and talk to them. You really need to understand your target audience if you are to succeed.

Pitch Your Course At The Right Level

Once you understand your audience you can adjust your course and make sure it is pitched at the right level. For example a course aimed at business graduates is going to be pitched differently to a course that is aimed at mommy bloggers. Think about the knowledge they will already be bringing to the table and how you can extend and develop their knowledge.

How Will You Stand Out From The Other Online Courses Being Offered?

You need to think outside of the box here, what marketing ideas can you use to get your course out there? Look at what your competitors have done and what they have offered.You need to build your brand and then ensure that you have brand loyalty. You need to build that loyal following. How can you do that? Setting up a Facebook page might be a good way to start. You now have a group of potential learners on board. Think about you could hook them in further. Share tips in that Facebook group. These are important as they demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. Running some free courses is a great way of hooking them in.  Running Facebook lives just for the Facebook group can also be very effective. The Facebook lives need to have a structure and be compelling. You need to tell them why they need to be joining your Facebook live. So if you are running a course on saving money, your Facebook live could be “I share 5 ways that you could save money in 5 minutes”. That would be enticing for your audience. You have been clear about what you be offering them and it is useful to them.

How To Make Sure Your Online Course Succeeds

It’s hardly rocket science. Once you have nailed your niche and your target audience, you are half-way there. You need to ensure that they feel that they need to learn what you are offering. So spell it out to them. Tell them what your course will be offering them. They will also need to feel like they are making progress, so have learning objectives and outcomes. Make sure your course is clear and well-written. It should also be interactive. Don’t just have worksheets, use videos, Facebook lives, podcasts, anything that makes your course more appealing.

You now know how to run a successful online course. Get out there and sell, sell, sell!

Good luck!

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