How Can I Make My New Business Look More Professional?

One of the biggest things that new businesses can struggle with is looking professional. As an entrepreneur, if this is your first venture then it can be very much ‘learn as you go’ which can be glaringly obvious to customers and clients and be somewhat off putting. People generally like smart and professional looking businesses as this image gives them faith that they are going to get the products or services they ordered. As a smaller company, the way you present yourself can mean make or break, and so this isn’t something to overlook in the planning stages. Here are some ideas for how to go about it.

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Switch to Business Software and Automation

If your business still using manual methods for things like accounting, customer relationship management, legal contracts and more then then it’s crucial that you begin the process of automating. Manual methods are tedious, time-consuming and have the risk of human error, updating not only saves you time, hassle and money but can make your company look much more professional too.

From a live chat feature to a ticket email system and much more, look into what kinds of programs suit your business and research the different brands and types of softwares to do the job. Business software makes you quicker and more efficient, it helps you work through orders more quickly and deal with them with less mistakes. All things that help you to look more professional.

Have an Excellent Online Presence

A positive online presence is essential for all business these days, even if you’re a local company which doesn’t sell services or products online. Customers are still going to be searching for things like opening hours, directions and prices online and if yours aren’t available then they could quite easily shop with one of your competitors instead.

Business is cut-throat, when you’re competing for customers anything that’s going to put them off is something you can’t afford to do. When it comes to to your online presence, your company website is arguably the most important thing.

This will be the first thing that most customers will see of your business, so it absolutely has to be right. It should look smart and professional, if it’s cluttered with ads or looks spammy then this could immediately be putting people off. Your site should always be intuitive and easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. It should be free of errors and quick to load, since slow loading time has been reported to be one of the things customers find most off putting.

A professional web designer will be able to custom build you a website which works for you and specifically for your business. Writing a blog for your business is another highly beneficial thing you can do to improve your online presence. Blog posts encourage shares across social media, which is essentially free advertising for you. Producing regular blog posts also gives you more indexed pages for your website to be crawled and in turn can boost your rank in search engines.

If you didn’t want to create the content yourself, you could hire a freelance writer or work with a blogging company. They will be well versed in the style and presentation that people want from blogs and can create you regular exciting and dynamic content. Finally, an app is another great investment for your business and massively boosts your online presence. It’s way to essentially get your business onto the phones of your customers, a very good place to be.

This means all of your business information, products and contact details are available at the click of a button. On top of this, it’s another way you can look trustworthy and legitimate since apps have to be verified before going on sale in the app store.

Upgrade Your Office Space

You might think your office is just four walls, a good office space is so much more important than you might think. First of all, a pleasant and distraction free workplace will mean happier employees and better productivity. Plus a smart and professional looking space will impress customers and clients which could lead to more business.

Think about everything from the decor to the layout, for example you should ideally, you should position desks close to windows as this makes the most of the natural light. This has been shown to help keep workers more alert and productive, as well as boost mood. Choose light shades for the walls which will make any space look bright and airy.

Things like nice desks, good quality finishes, and the right kind of lighting will all have an affect. Your workers will perform better and you’ll make a much more positive impression on customers and clients who visit your office. You can purchase things like custom signs, tablecloths and more that are useful for events as well as your office, you can find out more info here. Used in a foyer for example would help to create a good impression to anyone entering your premises.

Provide Great Customer Service

When you provide great customer service, you make people feel valued as a customer and positive about your company. Training staff well is your first priority, ideally hire people who have worked similar customer facing roles before, or who show potential in this area.

Friendly and motivated staff who are happy to go the extra mile will have a massively positive effect on your company. Using customer relationship management software can help you automate things while providing customers with a more personal experience, and features like live chat and social media support give people different options when it comes to dealing with any problems or asking questions.

When potential customers can see that you have these kinds of things in place, it helps to show that you’re a legitimate, trustworthy and professional business. People can be wary of scams and fraudulent websites, having great customer service can put their mind at ease and it also makes you look more professional overall.

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