A Handy Guide To Creating A Newsletter With The ‘Wow’ Factor

If you’re going to send out a regular newsletter, you need to make sure that you’re sending out the kind of content that your subscriber list really want to see. Taking your time crafting content that is going to get shared and read over and over again is a must. This handy guide to creating a newsletter with the ‘wow’ factor will help you to get more click throughs and more subscribers than ever before.

Listen To Your Audience

Assuming you know exactly who your audience are, you need to make sure you listen to them so you know exactly what they want. Knowing your audience demographic, preferences, likes, dislikes, and problems will help you to create content for your newsletter that really appeals to them and makes them want to open it every time. You can ask your audience what they want to see, and make sure you search for things they’re searching for, such as questions they want answered. You don’t tell your audience what they want, they tell you what they want. Remember that!

Be Consistent

Being consistent is crucial when sending out emails with the ‘wow’ factor. This doesn’t mean sending one multiple times a day, or even one a day. Too many emails is a surefire way to lose subscribers and stop people from clicking through and seeing what you have to say. In fact, 43% of people wish they received less emails in their inbox. Although you need to be consistent, you need to make sure you experiment with the right frequency to get the best results from your unique audience.

Make It Attractive

Your email should look attractive. It should be easy to read and understand, and it should match your brand. If you’re not sure where to start, you can use one of these newsletter templates to get it right. Make sure it looks professional and matches your brand and people will be more inclined to keep on clicking through and reading your content.

Don’t Go For The Hard Sell

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going for the hard sell. Attempting to sell too much in your emails will put people off quickly. As well as selling, you need to offer real, valuable content that will help your audience in one way or another. Not only will this help you to grow your list, it’ll help you to establish yourself as a guru in your industry, whether you’re a blogger or a business owner.

Make The Subject Line Interesting

To get people to even click on your emails, you need an interesting subject line. You could have created a beautiful, valuable email, but if you don’t make the subject line interesting then people aren’t going to click on it. Make sure it isn’t misleading, but do make an effort to use powerful words that will intrigue people and make them want to learn more.

Use the above tips to create a newsletter with the ‘wow’ factor and you should find your results improve tenfold!

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