3 Office Safety Problems You’re Probably Missing

The safety of their employees is a top concern for any boss, which is why it’s important to follow health and safety procedures, even if they seem a bit excessive. Not to mention you’ll end up being hit with a massive fine if you’re caught on the wrong side of health and safety laws.

Keeping the office safe is fairly straightforward and most people remember all of the major things like fire extinguishers and fire escapes, properly checking electrical appliances and giving people regular breaks but some of the smaller details often slip by unnoticed. It only takes one employee accident around the office and you’ll be investigated for health and safety, any small failure could cause you a lot of trouble. If you’re going to cover all bases, remember these commonly overlooked health and safety concerns in the workplace.

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Repetitive Strain Injury

This is a relatively modern office danger and one that we often overlook, but it’s getting worse. When people are sat at a desk typing all day long, it can cause problems with the joints and muscles in the hands. If it gets really bad, it could affect people’s ability to work. Sitting in the same chair all day can play havoc with your back as well. It’s important that your employees are taking regular breaks to get up and walk around, and that you supply good quality chairs and ergonomic keyboards which reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.  

The Car Park

Bosses often do a great job of making sure everything is safe around the office but neglect the outside of the building and the surrounding area. If you own it, it’s your responsibility to make sure that there are no accidents on the land. If you haven’t done anything with the car park, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. You need to get armco barriers installed around the edges and between spaces to help direct traffic safely, and you should also put in some speed limit signs to discourage reckless driving around the car park. Two employees crashing into one another in your car park is a hassle you don’t want to be dealing with.


When you’re looking around the office for signs of danger, you’re probably looking at things that could cause a trip or a fall, but there are some more subtle dangers you need to be aware of. If you’ve got loads of bacteria everywhere in the office, employees are far more likely to get sick and take time off work. Places like the toilets and the kitchen area need to be kept clean, but it’s important that you encourage employees to be cleaner generally and not leave dirty mugs or dishes etc. on their desks. By cutting down on the number of bacteria in the office, you massively reduce the chances of employees getting sick, which costs you a lot of money each year.

Remember all of these small details and you’ll create a safer, happier work environment for you and all of your employees.

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